Little Men (2016)

Little Men is a title which may not give too much away about the film, but that makes perfect sense after you’ve seen it. A film about the friendship and growth of two boys with two completely different personalities, families and ambitions, Little Men is an enjoyable film but that’s just it.

The acting is good, I particularly liked the chemistry between Jake (Theo Taplitz) and Tony (Michael Barbieri). I even think Ira Sachs, the director, did a very good job in capturing how children feel and react when the world around them (“the adult world”) changes suddenly without them being able to do¬†anything.

Michael Barbieri and Theo Taplitz as Tony and Jake, respectively.

Nevertheless, there’s something that lacks, somethings that stops Little Men from becoming a really good movie. My first thought was the plot as it is a nice story but there isn’t much to it. However, then I realised that I have seen many better films with more limited scripts. Hell, Mad Max: Fury Road is an excellent film and it’s still two hours of an angry mob chasing a truck throughout the desert.

No. What limits Little Men is its safety. Everything about the film is good but it just feels to safe. If Ira Sachs had risked a bit and mixed things up, we might have had a great film. Or it could have come out worse. Either way, it could have not been “just another film” as Little Men is.

Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Ehle as Jake’s parents.

Overall, it’s a solid and enjoyable film with a good story but that leaves you asking “That’s it?” in the end.



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